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Boyd’s Essential Sealing, Thermal, and Protection Solutions in the Fight Against COVID-19


Last updated Dec 22, 2023 | Published on Mar 31, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate, the world is faced with new challenges each to combat and overcome the virus. With each rising challenge, companies are coming together to rapidly manufacture the necessary medical supplies and equipment to treat patients properly.

Ventilators & Respirators

There is a desperate need of ventilators in hospitals to help those who are battling the virus. Ventilators support and control oxygen air flow to a patient's lungs, making them a critical tool for survival. Currently, the shortage has led to splitting the use of the machines between multiple patients. Although the function is somewhat simple, the design is much more complex. Failure to maintain critical electronic control unit temperature is detrimental.

Boyd is prepared and experienced to design and manufacture the thermal systems to support around the clock use of these ventilators. Our Heat Sinks and Heat Pipe Assemblies are built to withstand long term use without fail. These technologies are an efficient, long lasting cooling solutions which incorporates the fast, high-capacity, two-phase heat transfer of heat pipes to remove local hot spots and improve air cooled heat sink efficiency. Heat Spreading Heat Pipe Assemblies reduce heat buildup around electronic components and enable more even heat spreading to maximize airside fin efficiency.

Microplate PCR Seals & PCR Thermal Cyclers

The most common form of testing for COVID-19, is collecting sputum from a throat or nasal swab and conducting a polymerase chain reaction, also known as PCR. From there, the samples are sent to a lab to detect traces of viral RNA.

These test kits are also among the shortage of medical supplies and are the first step to identifying if Coronavirus is present. The kits are composed of PCR plates, tubes & caps, seals, and accessories.

Long term exposure to the elements and various environmental impacts expose medical supplies and devices to a multitude of contaminants that can impact the safety, efficiency, reliability, purity, and life cycle of the device or its components. Boyd has decades of expertise in engineering die-cut, PCR plate seals designed to minimize the impact of unwanted contaminants specific to PCR trays.

PCR Thermal Cyclers amplify DNA by regulating temperature in cyclical programs. It is essential that these PCR devices analyze the data quickly and reliably. Boyd provides technologies specific to these devices include High Capacity Chillers & Heat Pipe Assemblies, Heat Sinks, Noise Vibration/Thermal Insulation and more. To learn more, check out this case study on DNA Cyclers/Thermal Cyclers.

CT Scans & X-Ray Machines

Thousands of people are being tested for Coronavirus daily. Health professionals are continuing to take Chest X-Ray images and analyzing the images for abnormalities. Like ventilators, X-Ray Machines and Equipment are imperative to the diagnosis and therefore treatment of infection.

The X-ray generating element in a CT scanner produces vast amounts of X-rays, but in order to protect and maintain safe levels of X-ray exposure, the majority of the X-rays are converted into heat which can be safely dissipated. Liquid cooling is the most compact and efficient method for cooling high density heat loads for applications similar to X-ray machines. Liquids can absorb and transport more heat than air, enabling high performance cooling solutions.

Face Shields


Companies around the world have stepped up to the plate by putting their usual products on hold to manufacture millions of face shields, masks and other medical protective equipment per day. Some health care personnel are making masks from home with store bought fabrics.

For a first line of defense while wearing a N95 face mask, full face shield protectors are used to block fluid, liquid splash, dust, and more. The fluid-resistant full face shield also helps prevent face touching with its wide-angle design. Boyd is currently working with customers around the world to convert the plastic shield protector, the elastic band for the shield, and the adhesive foam pad that helps keep the shield away from the face, allowing room for safety glasses and an N95 mask.

Stay Safe

Boyd is working hard to help provide solutions that battle the COVID-19 pandemic in the best way we know how: quickly creating reliable and cost-effective solutions for our medical customers.

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