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Boyd’s Silicone Sustainability


Last updated Dec 21, 2023 | Published on Jan 14, 2022

Working with Silicone Extrusions inspired Boyd to analyze our processes to see how we could make a more positive environmental impact.

As part of a continued effort to become more environmentally sustainable, Boyd's Weiler-Simmerberg, Germany facility evaluated their environmental footprint in a multi-part seminar at the beginning of 2021. An internal team consulted experts from a local renowned institute to investigate their facility practices to identify sustainability improvements. This team collected an array of data including an analysis of the facility's energy supply and transportation systems, as well as an anonymous survey of employees. This evaluation helped to determine CO2 emissions in individual areas to uncover potential ways to save energy. This data helps us determine how to increase extrusion and molded silicone part production sustainability and raises awareness among personnel.

Once the analysis of all environmental impacts was categorized, the local ecological focus team planned individual projects to reduce emissions based on the data. One upcoming project is to install charging stations for electric cars at the Weiler-Simmerberg plant. Beyond enabling company cars to convert to electric, charging stations encourage employees to use their own electric vehicles.

To reduce emissions in waste management, the facility will install cardboard and foil presses. Pressing recyclables will require significantly less space and reduce disposal cycles. Instead of emptying conventional recycling containers weekly, the presses only need to be emptied every six months. As per our usual processes, these materials will be recycled and returned to the production cycle.

Although most of the facility power supply already comes from regional renewable resources, several energy projects have been initiated to further reduce emissions. The team has already designed a plan for a heat recovery system to cut general electricity usage at the site. This will reduce the electricity necessary for energy-intensive processes by recycling the heat from exhaust air. As we still haven't reduced all emissions to zero in this facility, Boyd is continuing to pursue future projects to reduce and remove our remaining environmental impact.

If you’re looking for an environmentally responsible manufacturer for your next silicone project, or if you have specific questions about individual measures that Boyd has taken to help preserve the environment,reach out to our experts

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