Thermal Software Solutions

Reduce design time by developing and optimizing two phase and liquid thermal management solutions right for your application in accurate, streamlined software

Thermal Software Solutions

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation has leveraged decades of thermal expertise and empirical data to develop revolutionary new software applications for use in thermal modeling.

Seeing the industry need for more accurate and easy to use computational design of complex systems, Aavid developed tools to address these demands. As heat pipes, vapor chambers, heat exchangers, and liquid systems continue to become more essential to effective cooling solutions, our thermal software solutions allow engineers to apply them more accurately, more efficiently and with greater confidence.

Aavid SmartCFD

Aavid SmartCFD fills the gap in current industry offerings and supports more accurate heat pipe modeling, including dry-out alert features, Qmax, and full visualization.

Neben diesen erweiterten Funktionen hilft der Gebrauch „smarter“ Objekte dem Nutzer bei seinem Design. These objects have embedded physics that define their characteristics and notify the user if the design will not meet application requirements. With these calculations in place, a user can model complex components successfully without intimate knowledge of the inner workings of these parts. This unique feature not only saves time, frustration, and the expense of costly experiments, but also educates the user as they refine their design.

Aavid Genie

Aavid Genie ist ein Online-Design-Tool für eine einfache Gestaltung von Kühlkörpern und Wärmesimulationen sowie eine schnelle Modellierung von Machbarkeitsstudien am Anfang komplexerer Designzyklen.

Heat sinks can be designed and simulated in minutes in six fabrication methods and can include the addition of defined flow rates, ducting, interface resistance, or heat pipes. Using the same empirical data-based solvers from Aavid SmartCFD, users can try out heat pipes in heat sink applications. Users can add up to 10 discrete heat sources on the heat sink base, each with their own size, heat load, and interface resistance.

Aavid Genie is a free online application that requires no contracts or subscription fees.

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